Happy Monday y'all! The sun is shining where I'm from, which is amazing, even though I'm stuck inside all day. Michigan has very inconsistent weather, it was about 40 degrees and cloudy the other day, but today it is gonna be a high of 71 degrees and sunny. Spring has finally sprung! Day: Monday Date: … Continue reading THRIFTED OOTD


Poshmark: For Sale Items

Greetings everyone! I just figured I would share with you some items that are currently for sale on my Poshmark website. My username is @britt_popp. For those of you who do not know, Poshmark is a website where you can find new or gently used clothing for a fraction of what it is sold for … Continue reading Poshmark: For Sale Items

Thrifty Finds: Goodwill Haul

#1 BCBGMAXAZARIA Stripe Longsleeve // $5.99 #2 Detailed light blue top // $2.49 #3 GAP Chambray Button-Up // $4.29 #4 Burnt Orange Sweater // $4.29 #1. The black and white stripe top is a perfect basic for all seasons, and because its BCBG I know it's high quality. #2. I envision wearing the blue tank top … Continue reading Thrifty Finds: Goodwill Haul

Money-Saving: The Balm Cosmetics

I got 50% off my entire purchase at The Balm Cosmetics. Purchase included: two blushes, three eye shadow palettes, one highlighter, one brush, and two lip glosses... for just over $100! By following their Instagram page I was made away of an amazing sale that they had going on - 50% off everything online + $5 flat … Continue reading Money-Saving: The Balm Cosmetics

Thrifty Finds: Stella McCartney Lips Sweater

I took a quick pit-stop after work at my local Goodwill. As I entered the facility I was greeted by an abundance of Halloween decorations and costumes lining the shelves and racks. My first thought was, jeez why are they putting these out already?! We have another month and a half before the holiday. My … Continue reading Thrifty Finds: Stella McCartney Lips Sweater

How College Students Can Save Money Shopping

As I scroll through my college friends' Instagram and Facebook feeds I'm hit with looming feelings of nostalgia. A new school year has begun for many, and this is my first year not being at college. Lots of adults like to look back at college as the best four years of their lives, myself included. Unfortunately … Continue reading How College Students Can Save Money Shopping