Thrifted Outfit of the Day! Day: Thursday Date: April 4 Weather: IT IS COLD!! High of 50 degrees today, rainy, cloudy and miserable; Low of 41 Jacket: Cupcakes and Cashmere // $145 // This is a size large but I was so cold I needed to throw something on over my outfit. Top: Chicos // … Continue reading THRIFTED OOTD



Here is my thrifted outfit of the day 🙂 Day: Wednesday Date: May 3 Weather: High of 60 degrees, cloudy with some sun; low of 42 degrees Jacket: Lisa & Lucy Cream Lacey Bomber Jacket // XS // Retails for $195 // If you are interested in purchasing this online message me and I can … Continue reading THRIFTED OOTD

Thrifted OOTD

Day: Friday Date: April 28 Weather: In the 50s -- it was windy and chilly! Full Disclosure: This is one of a few outfits I've worn in a while that didn't incorporate a thrifted piece from Goodwill. Although I did purchase everything on sale, with exception of the jacket. Jacket: Target Black Bomber Jacket // 40 … Continue reading Thrifted OOTD


Greetings! My thrifted OOTD: Day: Wednesday Date: April 26 Weather: High of 80 degrees, but it has been rainy and does not feel 80 degrees, it feels more like 65 or so. Today I went for a casual J.Crew type of vibe. I paired a BCBG striped black and white top with dark blue/black J.Crew … Continue reading THRIFTED OOTD


Happy Monday y'all! The sun is shining where I'm from, which is amazing, even though I'm stuck inside all day. Michigan has very inconsistent weather, it was about 40 degrees and cloudy the other day, but today it is gonna be a high of 71 degrees and sunny. Spring has finally sprung! Day: Monday Date: … Continue reading THRIFTED OOTD

Poshmark: For Sale Items

Greetings everyone! I just figured I would share with you some items that are currently for sale on my Poshmark website. My username is @britt_popp. For those of you who do not know, Poshmark is a website where you can find new or gently used clothing for a fraction of what it is sold for … Continue reading Poshmark: For Sale Items

Thrifted OOTD

Day: Wednesday Date: April 19th Weather: High of 62 with some showers // mostly cloudy Top: Sam & Lavi White Casual Shirttail Button Down Top // Thrifted from Goodwill $4.99  // I'm guessing it originally retailed anywhere between $48 - $135 based on what they have on their website Jeans: Levi's Jeggings Lightwash // Previously owned … Continue reading Thrifted OOTD

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

Wondering what the fall fashion trends are for this year? Look no further! #1. Velvet. According to Vogue , the rich fabric made all the headlines during the fall 2016 fashion shows. The fashion site recommends adding velvet to your wardrobe via handbags or shoes. #2. Turtlenecks. According to celebrity stylist Nolan Wells turtlenecks will should be … Continue reading Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

Real vs. Steal – Alexander Wang Alla Peep-Toe Wedges vs Renvy Sana Wedge Mules

Recently I purchased a pair of Black Renvy "Sana" Peep Toe Wedges from Goodwill. As per usual, I looked up information on the brand (since I was unfamiliar with it), history of the item's fashion (what designer originated the style), how much the item originally retailed for and inspiration for how to style the item within … Continue reading Real vs. Steal – Alexander Wang Alla Peep-Toe Wedges vs Renvy Sana Wedge Mules

Thrifty Finds: Goodwill Haul

#1 BCBGMAXAZARIA Stripe Longsleeve // $5.99 #2 Detailed light blue top // $2.49 #3 GAP Chambray Button-Up // $4.29 #4 Burnt Orange Sweater // $4.29 #1. The black and white stripe top is a perfect basic for all seasons, and because its BCBG I know it's high quality. #2. I envision wearing the blue tank top … Continue reading Thrifty Finds: Goodwill Haul