My thrifted OOTD:


Thrifted OOTD


I love this moto short sleeve jean jacket!


One of my favorite pieces in my closet.


Brand new kicks.


Day: Wednesday

Date: April 26

Weather: High of 80 degrees, but it has been rainy and does not feel 80 degrees, it feels more like 65 or so.

Today I went for a casual J.Crew type of vibe. I paired a BCBG striped black and white top with dark blue/black J.Crew denim. I topped it off with a moto jean jacket, not totally committing to the Canadian Tuxedo vibe but still taking a conservative stab at it.

Top: BCBG Black and White Stripe Longsleeve // $5.99 // shown here in a previous Goodwill haul

Top: Mike & Chris Short Sleeve Jean Jacket // NWT $40 at a consignment shop // A very well made item that I got for an absolute steal at a consignment shop. After purchasing it I looked up the brand Mike & Chris and found out they went out of business 😦 but they sold some pretty pricey denim!

Bottoms: J. Crew High Waist Skinny Dark Wash Denim // NWT $25 // I picked these jeans up in Florida two months ago on vacation at one of their outlet stores. I liked them so much that I bought two pairs!

Shoes: New Balance Grey and White Sneakers // $65 // I’m all about comfort so of course I had my eyes on these bad boys for a while before making a purchase. I waited until Black Friday 2016 to buy them (so about 6 months ago) and got them for 20% off I believe.

Total: 135.99

Thanks for stopping by!

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