Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

Wondering what the fall fashion trends are for this year? Look no further!

#1. Velvet.

According to Vogue , the rich fabric made all the headlines during the fall 2016 fashion shows. The fashion site recommends adding velvet to your wardrobe via handbags or shoes.

velvet booties.jpg

Gianvito Rossi // Velvet Ankle Booties // $975


Balenciaga Velvet Ankle Boots // $1,185

velvet ankle boots.jpg

Balenciaga Velvet Ankle Boots // $1,185


Racil Ara Cotton Blend Velvet Dress // $543


Racil Ara Cotton Blend Velvet Dress // $543


Aerin // Velvet Round Toe Ballet Flat Navy // $495


Aerin // Velvet Round Toe Ballet Flat Pink // $495

#2. Turtlenecks.

According to celebrity stylist Nolan Wells turtlenecks will should be in your wardrobe this fall. They’re great for covering people who don’t want to be fully exposed, they’re warm, and they’re easy to wear due to their comfort. You can play with the neckline to be higher, shorter, or chunkier. You can choose one that is oversized or more fitted. I’ve seen a lot of really cute ones at Target (with long sleeves and as tank tops).

turtle neck - twenty and thrifty.jpg

Grey turtleneck paired with a suede jacket


#3. Army Jackets.

The following photo perfectly demonstrates two fall fashion trends: army jackets and velvet shoes. InStyle is certain that you’ll want to pick up an Army Jacket to add to your fall coat collection. The utilitarian trend has been catapulted by the runway, and as such many celebrities are marching around town in their army jackets.

This article by Vogue was even ballsy enough to declare the Army Jacket as the replacement for bomber jackets. Even though they’re the experts, I wouldn’t go that far with the trend (plus I finally just jumped on the Bomber jacket bandwagon).

One writer, Nicole Phelps, thought the trend could be due to the need to create a stronger mindset and to “soldier on” in light of recent worldwide terrorist attacks. I suppose one does feel a bit stronger and walk with a bit more purpose when wearing these types of pieces.


army jackets and seude booties.jpg

Kendall Jenner // Army Jacket + Velvet Booties

army jacket - twenty and thrifty .jpg


I’ve also been loving the patch and pin details that people are adding to their streetwear style. This could turn into a timeless piece in your closet. Simply collect these iron-on patches from your city, travels, or favorite stores… and you’ll have a piece that is both sentimental and chic!


Burbery - twenty and thrifty.jpg

Burberry // Army Jacket


What trends will you be following this fall?


Brittany P.




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