Thrifty Finds: High-Waist Jeans + Thrifted Tops

Fall is slowly approaching. During this time of year that can mean cool mornings (50 degrees Fahrenheit) but then hot afternoons (80 degrees Fahrenheit) and then cool evenings once again. Any Michigander knows that the weather around here is pretty unpredictable. For that reasons I decided to put together some outfits that are appropriate for the end of the summer season and the beginning of the fall season. The official beginning of fall is days away, September 22 in fact, even though we are still having very hot days.

As always, any thrifted pieces I purchase are always in amazing shape. I forgo any pieces that look worn, unless the piece is vintage or displays flaws in such a way that would be expected due to his rarity or age. If the clothing item has stains, holes, rips, etc. it will not end up in my shopping bag.

Throughout all the following pictures the jeans remain the same, in this case they’re Joe’s Jeans high waist jeans. I have the pieces styled pretty casually, but obviously by opting for a different footwear, perhaps even heels, the looks can be dressed up.



Dana Buchman Top, $3.99


Dana Buchman

The top is a petite size, but it works perfectly on me as a crop top. This brand is sold at Kohl’s and seems like pretty decent quality. It has a zip closure in the back. for getting on and off. I know this top is higher quality than any crop top I can find at Forever 21 and I never try to spend too much money on trendy clothes or clothes that I would most likely wear to a bar, brewery, or club.

_ _ _


Olive & Oak

I hadn’t heard of this brand before finding this top in Goodwill. I did a quick Google search and discovered its carried in different stores like Bloomingdales and Urban Outfitters. Olive & Oak is a “New York City contemporary brand specializing in feminine, relaxed pieces perfect for every day.” I liked the light cotton material and the tie front, it was also a perfect length for me without being too short.

_ _ _



J. Crew, $5.99

J. Crew

This top was a bit “pricey” for thrifted standards, but I decided to roll with it because it’s a classic, useful top. Other than it needing a good steam or ironing, its an easy addition to any ensemble.

_ _ _


I already wrote about this top here –> The Look: White Tank + High-Waisted Skinny Jeans but wanted to show what I looked like up close styled with different jeans. I also got an amazing deal on this top!

Overall, I got 4 wonderful tops for just around $20… nothing can beat that!


Brittany P.



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