Thrifty Finds: Six Pairs of Designer Denim for $30

What’s better than finding 6 unique pairs of jeans that fit perfectly in one shopping excursion, at one store? Well, finding them for about $5 a piece! Check out some awesome deals I scored at my local Goodwill.

Pair #1

Joe’s Jeans Flare Delaney Wash (NEW with tags)

Thrifted for $5.99

For anyone who is familiar with this brand, they are also familiar with the price point of these jeans. Their typically prices hover between $180-$250 for a pair. What a steal!


Pair #2

Joe’s Jeans Purple Skinny (no signs of wear)

Thrifted for $4.99


Again, this pair could have easily originally retailed between $180-$250. However, I think because of their colorful appearance they probably went on sale somewhere like Nordstrom’s Rack for a bit less. Although it was probably a bit more popular during the colored denim craze a few years ago, I’ll enjoy them nonetheless. Below I’ve paired it with a colorful top to create an outfit that exudes cheerfulness.

IMG_7008 (2).JPG

The “Birdy” top (as I like to call it) was also thrifted for a mere $2.49.

Pair #3


Thrifted for $4.99 (no signs of wear)


Turquoise is my absolute favorite color. So of course I had to scoop these up. Their legging material makes them very stretchy and comfortable. Below I have a few pictures of tops I could wear with these Levi’s. However, I don’t think either look is exactly my style. But sometimes its nice to wear a cheerful outfit so perhaps I will try these looks out in the spring.

Pair #4

Paige Denim

Thrifted for $3.99


These are cropped length, making them perfect for spring or summer. I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of these because black bottoms are very versatile. I would guess these originally retailed in the $180 range (most of their cropped denim hovers around this price point). Very well made jeans!

Pair #5

Gap Premium Superskinny Cropped Jeans

Thrifted for $3.99 (no signs of wear)


Most new Gap jeans retail for around $80. But I also know Gap runs promotions frequently, so it’s very unlikely that these jeans were purchased at that price point. Regardless of how much the were originally worth, they are perfect for adding a bit of detail to any outfit. Below I have an outfit styled that shows off the cute ankle zippers on these cropped skinnies.


Pair #6

Else Denim (shows no signs of wear)

Thrifted for $4.99


Wow! These are surely colorful aren’t they? They were so unique I had to have them. I tried looking up Else Denim but had a hard time learning much about the brand. Either way, they fit perfectly and definitely add a pop of something new into my wardrobe! Below I styled it with a solid gray top and sneakers in order to mute the jazziness of these pants.

IMG_7005 (2).JPG

And there you have it… 6 pairs of denim for a total of $28.94!



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