Thrifty Finds: Stella McCartney Lips Sweater

I took a quick pit-stop after work at my local Goodwill. As I entered the facility I was greeted by an abundance of Halloween decorations and costumes lining the shelves and racks. My first thought was, jeez why are they putting these out already?! We have another month and a half before the holiday. My second thought was, wait… I have to put a costume together!

Here in Michigan it is always absolutely freezing at the end of October. Any costumes that expose too much skin are an invitation to an uncomfortably cold evening.

So, when I saw this sweater on the rack I was intrigued because I was feeling open to finding costume-y clothing (after seeing all of the Halloween costumes). As I walked toward the sweater with colorful lips all over it I was thinking it could be a playful, carefree addition to my wardrobe. I also guessed that any clothing brand bold enough to place hot pink and red lips all over sweater was probably high-end. Turns out I was right! The tag confirmed that the sweater I held in my hands was none other than Stella McCartney!

Here’s some pics I took in the store:


Stella McCartney Lips Luxury Sweater $4.29


Stella McCartney Lips Luxury Sweater $4.29

At first I thought purchasing the sweater would be a pretty silly idea. I already have more than enough clothes. I reasoned I could wear it as part of a Halloween costume – it’d be perfectly warm enough if paired with the right ensemble. But what if it was actually worth something?

Then I did a quick google search in the store to see how much it was worth, and boy was I shocked! It apparently originally retailed for $540.


So, I bought it! Whether I decide to wear it on Halloween or sell it to a consignment shop, I will definitely get my money out of it.

I even found these two cute photos that some fellow bloggers posted. They styled it with red and pink skirts, which is marvelous idea. img_0167

Kerry Washington rocking a Stella McCartney dress on the blue carpet. I’m definitely seeing a theme here 🙂

Would you have purchased this top for $4.29 when it was originally $540?


Brittany P.



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