Outfit Ideas: Free People Tank Tops




Free People is my absolute favorite brand, hence why I purchased the same top in two different colors! I love how this bohemian fashion company creates looks that are on trend yet completely unique to their brand. I think their clothing has a rare personality that incorporates free-spirited looks. It’s a brand you can feel creative in and you never have to take yourself too seriously.

The unique silhouettes, patterns, and materials Free People uses in their designs is inspiring. I doubt people realize how much their designs have trickled into more mainstream stores. For instance, the other day I was in Target and noticed that many a handful of their women’s pieces were very similar to some well known pieces created by Free People. Of course, Target couldn’t incorporate all the details into their tops and dresses that Free People does, especially at such vastly different price points (Target on average about 1/3 or 1/4 the price of FP). I also noticed that Target somehow edited their designs to fit more of an average figure. Some day I will have to do a blog post comparing the differences!

Well, hope you enjoy!

Brittany P.




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